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Thread: Doug Daniels is a crook!!!!!

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    Doug Daniels is a crook!!!!!

    Watch who you give your money too!!!!


    Most of you know that I have been building a Cummins Diesel prostreeter for the last few months.

    well alot has happened in the last few days and i would like to elaborate a bit on the chassis guy that (was) doing the work.

    Doug Daniels

    DG metal fab
    hollywood MD

    this guy is a crook and after the police report came thru he apparantly had done this in a few different states.

    and now maryland

    he was paid a portion of what the total cost would have been and all parts were provided for the install/ work.

    i was refered to this guy after i found that no one in the area wanted to mess with a diesel drag truck, and after talking with him and meeting him i desided to go thru with it. he had all the proper bussines lincences and such and even was once employed by some of the famous chassis builders in this country---BEVIS, HASS, Bickel.

    He was provided with over 5k worth of payments and parts, and we talked on a regular basis. i last talked with him on friday.
    i got a phone call on monday from another customer of his, that this duch bag had skipped town, and took all he could out of the shop with him.

    so after getting there and looking at all the damage, all i had left was a fuel cell, rear dragslicks and wheels and my rear end.

    all of the seats and harnesses were gone, front wheels and tires gone, countless electronics and nitrous controllers, ring and pinion, brake booster.ect.ect

    and the worst part my friggin money, 5k worth. it put me in a bad spot, considering christmas is right around the corner.

    then the cop says he cant help that its a civil issue, and all i can do is put a judgment on his bussiness.

    so you mean to tell me that no felony or crime was commited on his part?
    this is bull****!!!

    Look guys stand clear of this guy, where ever he may be. please choose who you give money to more wisely than i did.

    this project will now be taking longer than i expected, any help or encouragment would be appriciated.


    NGM Diesel
    301 884 2175

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    im sorry to hear this!!NOTHING MAKES ME MADDER THAN SOMEONE LIKE THIS. 5 states man what an ass$%^e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I can help let me know !! David.

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    POS in Texas

    Barry Henderson of Fort Worth, Tx pulled this same shit --

    These guys have the perfect scam -- they take a contract for work and then just keep the money --- the law always says the same thing --> civil suite

    This is legally protected theft

    I say we round up all of the folks that are having problems with these so called chassis builders and file a (damage by fraud protection) lawsuit against the States that won't prosecute these theives.

    This shit runs from 5k all the way up to 30K in some cases.

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