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Thread: How much can it take

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    How much can it take

    Hey guys I'm building a 68 Nova, for highschool. I'm 15 and on a budget because dads restoring his 68 z28. So because i'm on a tight budget the motor going in my nova is a 327 with a 6-71 BDS blower (a orginal piece from 1971) that we had just laying around the shop, but the 327 has a stock bottom end: 4bolt, Nodular iron caps, Nodualr iron crank stock rods and pistons. Up top are openchamber heads that have been ported/polisshed and matched to the BDS intake(Which sucks because it's like a 1/4 inch short for after market heads, so i cant use my dart 215 platinums). My question is how much boost can this motor take with that bottom end?

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    the 327 has a stock bottom end: 4bolt, Nodular iron caps, Nodualr iron crank, Cast rods and pistons.
    I hope that someone here knows more than I do about this. To my knowledge none of those parts ever existed or were made. Well'' they did use cast aluminum pistons.

    I can't give any suggestions at all.

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    I'm with Ed on this one,
    If the bottom end is stock it has a cast iron crank not nodular, the rods are forged steel, the main caps are just cast iron, not nodular.
    If you put more than 4 to 6 lbs. boost you'll be picking up pieces even street driven.



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    yep !


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    Well i meant to say stock rods pistons, i was pretty sure the crank was nodular iron, i ran the numbers and it appeared to be so, but if it makes a difference i pretty sure it's a 350 not a 327, we have so many of both layin around it's hard to remember. i'll get all the numbers in the morning, i know the internals have all the same numbers as my 010/020 high nickel block that's a 350. sorry for the ignorance and mistakes guys. I do know that the engine has about 3000 miles on it(7 or 8lbs of boost) with that blower no issues exept for oil leak(cheap offcenter mr.gasket chrome cover), i just put an oil pan one piece rubber gasket and timing cover on this morning shoulda payed closer attention to the internals.

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    I remember it has 2482 caps on it. i'm pretty sure those are nodular iron, I know there good because people hunt for them to use in hipo street applications instead of aftermarket caps, so if the caps are stronger it would have come with a stronger crank right?

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    Crank Nodular iron 3932442, same crank in my 3970010 block and this block 3956618, Both with Good caps both 350's sorry for the original 327 mistake. But i'm pretty sure that the caps 2482 and crank 3932442 are nodular that's just by what i have been told and by what i have seen online.

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    5-6 lbs as stated. You might be able to get by for a while, but you're walking the line with any more.
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