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Thread: stang676 FRAUD!!!

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    stang676 FRAUD!!!

    Anyone deal with stang676? I bought his Mustang paid cash. Listed it on ebay too! The list he compiled said fresh from the Machine shop 347 stroke never fired. Heads fresh also never fired. Heads are Canfields first I had to finish putting the car together. Once I did and fired up the motor steam would be coming out of the breathers. So first thing I did was pull off the heads. As soon as I saw the cylinders I knew he had lied. Cylinders look like they have alot of miles on them. NOT FRESH!!!!So I took the heads to my machine shop. Took 5 thousands to clean up. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS GUY!!!!

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    stang676 FRAUD!!!

    More bad news I pulled the motor. Block as a crack in the number 1 cylinder. Crank is cracked on rod journal. This is a motor fresh from his machine shop. Now he telling me Im a liar and feels he owes me nothing. I guess a lessoned learned here. Don't buy a non running car at least from this guy!!!!!!!!!

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    stang676 FRAUD!!!

    I have a copy of his oringinal ad from racingjunk. He states fresh motor and heads. Now he is calling me a liar. All I did was trust him and send him 6,400 dollars in good faith.

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    stang676 FRAUD!!!

    To all that have read this after talking to stang676 he too got burned. But now he knows not to trust what other people tell you. With motors unless you know the person and have seen or heard the motor run. it must be taken apart and double checked. I made the mistake myself I was going by what stang676 said it was. CAN"T TRUST ANYBODY THESES DAYS!!! So in short stang676 is going to make it right and buy what I need to fix the motor. Which is very cool!!

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    Just a thought as I read this thread-

    There's another thread on here about a bike with bad paperwork-back and forth and then the complaintant says the seller is taking care of it and everythings fine and everyone's cool, then this is followed by ratcheting up his dislike for the seller because there is some other issue now.

    Moral of the story, hold your praise until the issue is solved so you dont look like a whiner if you update and say now the seller is an even worse bad guy, and more importantly dont post until you fully communicate with the other party. Sometimes life gets in the way and delays things.

    Just my two cents. Hope everything works out for buyer and seller.

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    Just wanted to say that David and I got everything worked out. I feel like a jerk by unknowingly passing on bad parts (and also for the fact that I got taken for.) I sent him a new FRPP stroker crank and new pushrods. Sorry again and glad we got it taken care of.


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