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    Bead Locks

    What is the advantage to running bead locks?

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    Re: Bead Locks

    Quote Originally Posted by Birddog95
    What is the advantage to running bead locks?
    Pro's - Easier to change slicks / prevents slippage better than screws.
    Cons - Very expensive and adds rotational weight about 8 -10 lbs per wheel.
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    I was told that it also help with reducing the flex of the sidewall down track. Our car 'chirps' the tires the whole quarter (hardtail) and trying to figure out how to stop the slip.

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    it'll still do that. when my car was hard tail car i had beadlocks with hooser 33x17x16 slicks, still chirped and hopped. best money to fix that is to get the car backhalfed with a 4link. (round 3000 plus shocks). now its been backhalfed and stretched from 230 to 250, drives like a dream and runs has ran within .008 the for the past half season. 4.912 to a 4.904. now if the driver was even half close to that!!!

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