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Thread: 454 blower motor trouble

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    454 blower motor trouble

    ?? on BBC 454 stroker blower build up.
    1. 1991 Truck block.
    2. K-Motion did the machine work on short block.
    3. My Father installed Summit heads and 6-71 blower.
    problem is that the motor "appears to be sucking oil out of the valley into the driver side intake and blowing out of the driver side exhaust" like I said "appears" to be.
    1. We disassembles and inspected the motor everything looks good except cam (wiped it out).
    a. noticed that the intake gaskets were not "crushed" or marked except for a small section along the top edge on both sides.
    b. the bottom of the gasket appears to be untouched.

    When the block was decked, could that have changed the angle were the intake mates with the engine enough to cause it to suck oil?

    I measured the angle between the deck and the heads and got about 135 degrees.
    I measured the angle of the intake and got about 134 degrees.
    (i say about because i really don't have an acurate protractor)

    ANY ideas???
    Thanks ( I am new at this so be gentle with me )
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    Sounds to me like you have the Wrong Intake Gaskets?
    If you have the 1/16"Gaskets,just bump up the the 1/8"Gaskets.I can give you a Mr.Gasket Part #?But,not until tomorrow,i have plenty of both in the Shop!
    As far as the Cam,sounds like some different BREAK-In Procedures are in Order?With Todays Oils,you realy Need to add some type of Break in Oil!I take it that the Cam is Not a Roller?
    Hopew this HELPS?
    G 8)
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    you may have some angle milled heads on there, also could be reason not mating up, if so you'll have to get the intake angle milled the same angle.
    Also I would highly recomend a solid roller if your not already using one, like stated above flat tappet cams can be a nightmare to get broke in if ever it seems. If your dead set on using a flat tappet, make dam sure you give it a liberally coating of quality break in lube, add a can stp oil treatment with your oil and use a oil very high in zinc and other antiwear additives, like rotella t or devcon, brad penn etc, etc etc.
    Goodluck, Charles
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