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Thread: scammer alert

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    scammer alert

    got this PM from "seung" these scammers need to come up with a new routine. I am sure most everyone here can tell when there is a fraudulent attempt to purchase your item, if not, here is a copy and paste that was sent to me from user "seung". watch yours selfs.

    Hello, i am interest in purchasing your item with no delay,but first? What is the final price od the item? Is the price firm? Will you be accepting a cashier check or postal money order and personal check? Contact me with the present state of the item and your contact information to mail out the payment to you as
    soon as possible.
    Name you want on check:
    Home Address:
    Phone Number/Office Number?
    N.B:you can also email me at [email protected]

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    So what is their scam? Is it just to get your personal info? Please excuse my ignorance.

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    What they're after is your info so they can send you a bogus check for your $1000.00 item with a check for $15,000.00 and you send them the difference for several reasons. They get your stuff, the check comes back no good, and you're out the $15k.

    The amounts vary, and reasons to renig on the deal so they get all the cash.

    Someone else will chime in on this, it's a hot subject. :evil:

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    or what they do is give you the money order/cashiers check, arrange for a shipper to come pick up your item. they never meet you face to face or their scam won't work. Anyhow, the shipper comes and gets the car/truck/rv or what ever. you have a check in your hand. you deposit the check, it clears in the beginning. but after about 2 weeks when your bank gets notice that the check didn't clear and that it was a fraudulant money order or what have you, your item is long gone and you have no money for it. these scams always start out the same way. the emails always sound the same. give me your best price or I will buy it sight unseen. if they talk of a shipper or money order/cashiers check you can be guarenteed it is a scam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tod74
    So what is their scam? Is it just to get your personal info? Please excuse my ignorance.
    They send you a cashiers check overpayment for $10,000 for your $5,000 "item". They want you to send them the $5,000 difference back to them, so they can hire a shipper to pickup your "item".
    Their cashiers check is a fake, and the money you sent back to them was real, so they are $5,000 to the good.
    They could care less about your "item" that was for sale, as it would just be something that could help track them down.

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    I hate crooks... :evil: I had someone hack my ebay account this past summer.I was selling a NOS 302 chevy crank..never been in a motor..they cancelled all my bids then started sending out fake buy it now offers.They almost got one guy to fall for it.I had to cancel the auction and doubt it scared away bidders as I had to explain why the auction was canceled.

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