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Thread: rear suspention question

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    rear suspention question

    first off i have back halfed a 62 nova, custom sub conectors and an alston front clip. i did all the work related to this off my some what flat garage floor. after leveling 100 times and checking the mesurements 100 times befor welding the rear end does not seem to be centered, or aligined perfectly with the cross member.4 link car. if there is nothing stock to mesure off how does one know if the rear is square in the car. aviosly if my work was perfect i could mesure side to side off the frame rails and front to back off the cross member. i centered the side to side off the fenders and front to back off plum bobs i hung from the fenders, centering the wheel in the wheel well. is this close enough, and will an allighnment shop make it correct so the car will track correct with the front end. hope this is not super stupid. any help would be great.

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    You should be able to find a hole in the body on both sides at the front to mesure from to get it square. Do a front to back measurement and a cross measurement. A front suspension mounting point is probably the best spot if you have the clip in already. That way the wheelbase will be the same on both sides. Don't judge the wheelbase looking at the wheel opening.

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    Still working on the same project with a '66 Chevy II.

    What I did:

    Level the car on jack stands, left to right, front to rear, front and rear, left and right. This is a long process in its self.

    Plumb Bob both front hubs and back hubs. Mark a cross (X) point from LF to RR and RF to LR. This point should be half the distance from front to rear and half the distance from right to left.

    I was able to adjust this point to 0/0 with the 4 link.

    I'll let you know in a couple months how it works out.


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