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    bad stuff

    You know its funny that you ask folks for a picture and its like you just slaped them in the face.Whos gonna drive for hundreds of miles and pay top price for somrthing without evan seeing a pic.And its funny what you got ant worth having but there stuffs like gold i look at these ads as they just want you to know they have it.
    Thanks for letting me vent Bubba Moore

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    i AGREE Bubba...i am going thru this right a turbo camaro and trying to get some pics..its over 700 miles one way ..i HAVE NO intentions of driving that far if i don't have a good idea what i am looking AT..

    i understand what the seller is going thru with all the tire kickers etc...but hey thts part of it ..get use to it if you want to sell it...RIGHT !



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    YOU HAVE TO PLAY THE GAME!!!! 8) 8) 8)

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    Not intended to be an excuse, because i wouldn't drive a 100 miles to buy something that i cannot fully look at.

    BUT!!! not everyone is computer literate and knows a lot about sending pics. (9 yrs ago i didn't know how to turn one on) 5 yrs. ago i didn't have a digital camera, i would have had to ask someone else to take the pics. for me. I agree with the fact if someone is selling something they should be prepared to furnish what ever a buyer might request, but that might be the case with some people who have listings here.

    just my .02


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    Id love to post pics,but wife has to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! David.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Racefab57
    Id love to post pics,but wife has to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! David.
    I too think a picture would be needed, even before I drove over 50 miles...David, Ya'll moving South and all, you need to learn to post the pics and "Your Woman" can be doing other stuff.. :lol: I really am just kidding "Mam"...

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    i agree with everyone..i won't buy a pig in a sack;;if i can't at least see somewhat if what i'm trying to buy then forget it.not interested anymore..i also agree that some may not be able to post or send pic but they should contact buyer and let them know they got to find someone to help them send pics..then you got these a#@ holes that say in there ad not to ask them for pics and waste there time..i say to them..don't waste my time reading there ad then....and the worse ones is the ones that list something for sale on here and other sites but when you e-mail them about what they have they never return your e-mails..if they don't want to be bother by e-mails then don't list things for sale..just letting off steam..

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    Yeah whats worse is when you get someone on the phone feeding you a line of BS, i asked if it had any rust. No, the pics didnt look hateful, but there were from 10 feet too, so i made a 4 hr trip(one way), and i was there for 5 mins tops. He asked if i wanted to drive it, i told him nope, im afraid it would fall apart! and told him what a worthless POS him and the car was. Oh and it looked like he painted it with a paint roller.

    to the guy who needs pics posted, you can shoot them to me at

    [email protected], Ill post them for you. NP

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    If a guy selling something can't (or won't) send pics I would have to ask him to just bring the car to me so I can look at it. No guarantee I would take it but in this day with the technology available there's no reason someone can't have a "look" at what you're selling without having to waste the time and money to see it. Even if you're computer illiterate you can go buy a 6 dollar disposable camera, take it to the one hour photo print and overnight the pics to a potential buyer. Of course it would be faster and cheaper to get someone to help with digital photos but hey it's the cost of doing business. There's just too many people out there that would have you drive 6 hours to look at a POS.

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