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Thread: legend rods, crankshafts? anyone experence

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    legend rods, crankshafts? anyone experence

    hey has anyone ever ran any of these legend parts? they are cheap which tells me they are probulay made in china but then again so is eagle i need a set of rods that handle more than 800 hp or 8000 rpms. i was looking at there ultra light I beams as an alternetive to eagle h beams.

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    Try the Crower sportsman at $544.00 for small blocks and $732.00 for big blocks. there more expensive than the Chinese stuff but you wont be running over them either.Bill
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    I have done this stuff since 1971 and I have never heard of that brand of product. It does sound to me like a made up name to sell non-brand copy cat or import products.

    I could be wrong though.

    What take a chance on an unknown product line.

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    350 mains

    anyone have an opinion as to running 350 mains in a 400 block with the bearing spacer do you loose any strength. i've been told you free up some bearing load and the engine spins a little faster but has anyone heard a reported gain on this? i'm buying a new crank anyway it would't be that much more work to swap to the smaller mains.

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    We have found(my opinion) that as we approach 3.750 stroke or larger,especially larger, we stay with the 400 size mains as you will give up rod jornal strength as there will be more flex because there is not enough main journal to rod journal metal contact. If we do go with 350 mains. we also go 2 inch rod journals. Of course all depends on what you plan on doing and how much CR and RPM. There really is no set answer because of intended use.

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