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Thread: 9" pinion support help

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    9" pinion support help

    I've decided to replace the stock pinion support on my stock 9" case. I have the stock long 5" pinion yoke. My driveshaft has already been made to fit with this yoke and stock support.

    What will I run into changing the support? Who makes one designed to work with a stock case?

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    Since no one will answer you every body make a pinion support that fits a stock 5 bolt case. all you have to tell them is do you have a 28 spline pinion or a pro 35 spline pinion, that determines the bearing size you need to install in the support. Call Mark williams and he can fix you up.


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    The pinion support uses 5 bolts to the case. I suggest you talk with the guys at as they are attuned to the "little guy" budget as well as to the serious racer, and have good prices and tech support.

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    I have not answered in this becuase I think that this could be a waste of money.

    I will be the first to agree that an aluminum pionion bearing is much superior in strength.

    I am also amongst those who will tell you that the weak factory non-nodular thrid member case is not a good choice for any type of racing. It will not hold up long with even a mild engine.

    A stock 8.8 Mustang rear would be much stronger than a stock 9 incher.

    Ford 9 inch rear ends are not inherently strong. They have the capability of being made to be strong with aftermarket parts and welding.

    A factory rear end that is inherently strong is the old Dana 60. That is a little heavier but will handle much strength as it comes form the factory. Even the Mopar factory axles are fairly strong, as compared to the best from factory of anyone.

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