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Thread: Michael Anthony aka Vigilante8

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    Michael Anthony aka Vigilante8

    Does anybody know a guy that goes by Michael Anthony with a Racing Junk handle "Vigilante8" and supposedly is out of Jersey City, New Jersey? If so please let me know, I sent the guy money for some heads and intake and he has dissapeared on me, no longer returning emails and his phone is out of service. Your help would be appreciated

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    Update: He finally returned my email last nite at 1 AM, says he was out of town for the weekend and just got back Monday. Says he recieved payment and will ship stuff today(Tues) We shall see......

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    Update: OK my first instinct was right, this guy is a thief of the worst kind and has been scamming people here on RJ and and I'm sure many other sites. He has an ad on RJ RIGHT now #945590. DO NOT send this guy money, HE IS A THIEF

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    Update: Well all of the posting here and elsewhere seems to have shut him down for now, He has removed all of his ads from RJ and Ebay. But I am sure he will be back under a new name, Beware if someone doesnt want any form of payment other than postal money orders Beware! If he wont give you a valid phone number to reach him at, Beware! If you feel there are just too many red flags, Move on! do not buy from that person! I just hope we havent scared him into hiding so that the authorities cant get him. But I believe they will eventually, Because career thieves like this always surface sooner or later.

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    With an add of this nature,I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole,no phone number,new member awesome rating within just a few days of membership,I'd run from this crook.

    I seen the post over on DRR,If this is who someone mentioned,I'd stay far away from this crook,he has sold more sets of heads numerous times to people for cheap and never delivered in the past.

    When buying some thing of this value,you people need to do your homework,trust me,you not the first guy that came in here complaining to the forum when the mail didn't show up from this crook.
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    My appologies, I had his ads saved in favorites so I could watch them easier and when I logged on this AM they were gone so I assumed the ads were pulled but they were not, They are still there so same advice goes, do not buy anything Vigilante8 is selling, this includes ads numbers 945590,947094 and 947539 and whatever else he may be selling.

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    I talked to Mr. Lamb yesterday, He says that he is going to be indicting the f$&*#ng thief very soon. I know my money is gone but the satisfaction of knowing this c$#&* s*#$*er is in jail will have to be enough.

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    Michael Anthony is a thief and scam artist!

    Michael Anthony is a thief he ripped me off for $1015 on for a set of cylinder heads back in June of this year.Not only was I taken but about a half a dozen guys bought the same cylinder heads. He had the same ad on RJ.I can't believe he's that STUPID that he keeps on pulling the same scam.His days are numbered.He has a nice jail cell awaiting him.Mike you can run but you can't hide!

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    Talked to Postal Inspector Lamb last week, An arrest is coming soon. Mikes days as a free man are limited.

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    Qdditional victims

    Just found you guys. We're some MB owners who got hit by this guy. See 10/3/07 post:

    Thanks too all of you for getting this info up on searchable posts. I'll be very interested to see this bottom feeder get his.

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