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Thread: 1970 c-10 body question?

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    1970 c-10 body question?

    i am thinking of buying a 70 c10 short bed ,it used to have the cheyenne package on it with the molding on the side now the guy took it off and it has holes every so often down the body where that trim went in, he told me that you can buy rivets to put in there and then grind them off, anything to this it seems like to me that when that guy on tv built that CopperHead truck that is what he done, also the only place on the truck that has any rust on it is the above the windshield in that drip egde deal or gutter, it is bubbled up pretty bad well you can see it from the inside by the sun visor. but do not want to buy another cab just for that. any ideas

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    weld up the holes if you dont want the trim put back on it!!!! If you dont latter on it will show through the body work!!!! as for the drip rails or areas around the windshield you can cut it, and if you can get someone to weld pieces in place of the rusted out sections,instead of buying a different cab!! ive done all this many times before! if you need more help email me or pm me and id be glad to help!!!! David.

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    yeah, you can weld them up or put the molding back on new like the factory,i had a 68 and thats what i done to it,another truck i has the holes welded,anyway they both turned out nice,just do it the way it suits you.

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    Yes weld them. If your MIG welding them a good sized brass block behind it will make welding easier and warp less. A cool wet rag after and it should stay flat. Then don't warp it with the grinder. If the grinder does raise it some wet rag it again before it cools, and check it with a body file.
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    weld them holes so they dont come back to haunt for the welding process welding sheetmetal is tedious, remember tack then cool tack then cool tack then cool and so on. As for cooling i use a air hose and blow gun.Water is messy and and you have to wait for it to dry completly before you can weld on that area again

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