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    correct me if i'm wrong but does the crankshaft supply the pistons/rings with oil?? so if you put a crankshaft scraper in the motor your taking oil away from the rings? sounds like that would be very bad for a street engine.

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    1st off. I would see no need in running a crank scraper on a street engine..its just that.. a street engine and no need in trying all the little tricks to squeeze out the extra HP..such as scrapers, running lower oil levels etc......
    you have to understand what a scraper does. all it does is take all the excess oil off the crank and allows it to spin a little easier...many oil pans have the scraper built in...and it doesn't take away all the oil from traveling where it should.

    Just keep in mind that when your speaking of Street engines and Race Only engines its like apples and oranges...

    if it were me and i had a HP street engine..i would get a good Street and strip pan with a diamond stripper tray (no crank scraper) and run it...

    my 2 cents.

    thanks Brian


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    I do not like crank scrapers.
    I look at them as a thin piece of metal that can get tangled up in my engines. An accident waiting to happen in my opinion.

    Have any of you ever been inside the bottom end of an engine and seen a mark on a crank or rod or on somthing that looked like something hit it? I have seen this and immediately in my mind was the thought of what if that engine was using a crank scraper. That thin scraper would be torn or bent and be mangled into the engine causing tons of damage.

    From that day on, I will not use crank scrapers. Guess what I see no difference in my engines by not using them. I also don't miss the cutting and fitting them either. I also do not use the thin sheet valley cover shields either. I look at them as an accident waiting to happen too.

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