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Thread: when to buy designated pistons for nitrous????????

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    when to buy designated pistons for nitrous????????

    if you build a 598-632 bbc and use the edelbrock 385 cnc heads, at what point do you need to buy pistons and wrist pins that are designated for nitrous use. i never plan on using more than a 100 hp shot of nitrous. Since i dont use over 100hp of nitrous, will a standard gas ported piston and pin combination designed for around 13.8 compression withstand that little nitrous. I have heard on another site that if you build the motor to run on strictly the motor without nitrous , that it will have a little more power than a motor built for a lot of nitrous when run just on motor. Why is this if this is a ture statement.

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    You have asked several question in one.

    Main question answer is with a 100 shot and decent tune a stock piston would work.

    I have just been beating a brick wall and am not really up to explaining about why a nitrous engine is a different animal. Take my word it is. Most engine builders can not understand this either.

    Maybe at a later time. I am beat now.

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    I hit my Wiseco Dome's with 225 shot and they are not made for N2o..
    Never hurt them. I am sure if your tune-up is off you could burn any piston up though so you still have to be careful.

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    As Ed says you have a multi part question here and there are no for sure answers.
    But have you checked into the difference between blower/nitrous pistons?
    First of all they are never gas ported, the top ring lands are dropped down on the pistons and the domes are usually thicker. The reason for this is that a blower or nitrous creates a lot more heat in the combustion chamber and that transfers to the ring causing a not so good seal and if the tune up is off it will detonate and burn the piston between the top and the ring.
    I don't know much about nitrous and i don't know how much you can get away with useing regular HP pistons. But i do know about blown applications and as us7race says you better have your tune up right or you will melt it down. If i was going to build one i would go the extra $100.00 or so and buy the nitrous piston, it would be a good investment.

    just my .02


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