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Thread: Enderle nozzle size for methanol

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    Enderle nozzle size for methanol

    We're running a big block Ford & the first time out it didn't really want to run. Enderle birdcatcher with a new 80A pump, .090 pill & #28 nozzles. I suspect the nozzles are way too small. It's too easy to start being an Enderle, starts with no prime, so I suspect there's something amiss someplace.

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    I bought mine used but never ran it due to going with a blower. It came with size 38 nozzles, 80A 0 1/2 pump, on a weiand tunnel ram, 532 Ford with aluminum SCJ heads, 14-1 comp. Chris

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    32s and 30s are pretty common in 377 to 434 sbc engines with the 80A-1 pump. You need a small enough one for good pressure to assure atomization of the fuel but large enough to get enough fuel into your engine. A call to Enderle or Ken Shaw in California will get you in the ball park. Not knowing everything about your engine I would guess a 32 or perhaps a 34 might be more appropriate. Also fuel you are using. Gas uses much smaller nozzles than alky. Also the 80 pump comes in 3 sizes. 80A-1/2, -0, and -1. All flow different amounts of fuel and you need to know which one you have.

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    My 622 bbc uses #36 nozzles and I run anywhere from a 90 to a 120 pill depending on track and weather. Every tuneup is different but the best starting point is the recommendation that an expert can give you. Call Enderle. They are the experts. They'll tell you what your motor wants. Usually though they give you a starting point thats on the rich side. Just start taking fuel out from there.

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    on my alcohol 'BLOWN" injected 383 BC i ran 38 nozzles and A 70 me the .90 main could be a little lean..."maybe"..........I know my blower throws things out of kilter a little..

    if i were you i woud invest in the clamp on style EGT moniters..very easy to install..frill a 1/4 hole in the primary drop in the probe and tighten down the band clamp...
    if your running alcohol...your looking for no more then 1150/1200 degrees at full pass......this will save you much guess work..
    as the man said Jim AT ENDERLE Monday and he will get you dead on top of it..


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