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Thread: Michael Anthony In New Jersey???

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    Michael Anthony In New Jersey???

    User Name: nascarelite12(#206087), Ad#923205, Ad Phone Number 856-861-4624. Afr Sbc 195 Eliminator Aluminum Heads 1040, Payment info given by email: Michael Anthony, 924 Bergen Ave #186, Jersey City, NJ 07306. I sent a Postal Money Order(Express). The last time I heard from him I asked for a tracking number and he said we were all set that he would get me the tracking number shortly. This was on the 16th of July. Now he will not return emails or phone calls.

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    Please read the first 3 posts to the scammer section and see if the info helps any...Also I would contact the postal authorities, local police, police in his town, file a report at and do anything else you can think of to return your money, get your items or have the party arrested....This is the only way to play games with them, but let me say also, the 16th of July was not long ago and you do not know his situation but I would not give it much longer to react...It is your money til you get the goods or else it is your goods, it can't be any other way....good luck and please keep us posted...and one last thing...You might want to go to his ads and leave him a message to join us in the scammer forum with his side...

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    ooooooooooooooh man. the seller has only been a member for only 14 days look out.

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    I may be wrong, if so I apologize in advance. But I believe this person was in the old scammer posts from last year that were lost. Strictly going by memory here.
    If you think nobody cares, try missing a payment...

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    This Micheal Anthony is the same person as Micheal Aviles,and yes this scam has been going on for over a year now

    Beware this guy is a crook he will take your money and you won't get nothing

    Any updates from the original poster on this?


    Also there is a picture of a kid in his profile,take a look,might be him

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    He got me for $1200 last week. He was suppposed to send me a new Richmond 6 speed trans COD but after checking with UPS (supposedly) he said it would delay his receipt of funds for too long, so I went ahead and sent him a $1200 deposit, with the balance to be paid COD upon receipt of the trans.

    This guy HAS to be stopped. My local Law Enforcement agency has all the details on my failed transaction and they are working on it. I will share any information I have for anything anyone else has.

    [email protected]

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    Man this guy is notorious! I didnt realize he has 8 posts all about how he has ripped people off. Does anyone know anything about his possible arrest? I read it on another post and would like to know if it is true.

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    As of Jan 12 He has been arrested and sits in jail. See other posts for more info.

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    Micheal Avilles AKA Green Chally AKA Red Cobra

    This guy scammed me out of a set of AFR 225 and was working with his brother Jon Avilles. I lost 1130.00 . After dealing with the Florida police, they told me Jon was arrested. I have not heard about Micheal. BEWARE he apparently does not have a job, and this is how he makes a living.

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    He has been arrested, charged, released and awaiting trial(s). hopefully if he doesnt dissapear they will put him away for awhile, as far as our money, I think you can kiss that goodbye.

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