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Thread: cam degreeing help?????????

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    cam degreeing help?????????

    ok guys today . i bolted up a steelplate on top of my block with a dead stop in it i turned it over i came up with 24 degrees then i returned it the other way and came up with 24 as well so i figure i am right on the money for top dead ..then i turned engine over clockwise until i found top of cam lift it dwelled there for a few degrees before falling then continued clockwise until i came to .050 after top of cam lobe and took reading . then i turned clockwise until the intake started opening again then stopped it where at the same .050 point as before but on the way up and took that reading then turned to top dead again without ever turning counterclockwise to make sure i stoped at 0.0 top of lobe again.. i came up with 116 as a center line so i degreed it 6 degrees at cam and second reading was 109 center line so i knew i was on the right track.but i was out of adjustment so i skipped one tooth and installed cam straight up at 0 degrees advanced or retarded and came up with 101.5 so then i counter degreed it 1.5 degrees and i have 104.5 on a 104 cam so im leaving it alone but it is off one tooth. i then degreed it at .050 on intake lift and came up with 33 and 61 which equalls 104 but my cam card says it should be like 25 56 and come up with 104 . please let me know what you guys think. as im concerned i feel im good s 105 or so

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    Hey Z,
    The 1st thing i would do after you reset you cam timing?Is another COMPRESSION Test?That would be a Valuble Note?And,from what you have told us,your LOW compression makes alot of sence to me!
    G 8)

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    Not sure how you are setting up your cam.
    most cam cards give settings at .050 valve lift, ( measured accuretly at the lifter ) set cam up at intake lift .050 set to specs. then set dial at exhaust to check your numbers.
    You can set cam at cam centerline and check your numbers also.
    there are good articles at crane cams

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