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Thread: beware of Maximum racing engines!

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    beware of Maximum racing engines!

    Want to make sure that this gets around.
    I purchased some very expensive heads and intake lifters etc from Joe at maximum racing engines.
    He sold them to me with the flow numbers being somewhere in the 340's on the intake at .700 got them flowed last week at self, they flowed a mighty 318cfm at .700
    Also sold me the head with them cut down to 62 cc chambers. He strangely cut into the seats of the valves so that they would not seal properly. Also the setup included intake and exhaust gaskets, pushrods etc. It did not come with any.
    finnaly, when getting the valves seats redone and started the engine, the valve springs ate in to he heads pretty good as they had no spring cups.
    Also , the springs ate into the intake ports the seat area was so thin.
    He told me that He was not responsible for any of the problems, As "they were not his heads" and I should of paid to have them inspected by him before the purchase. Well Joe, If you did not know that you cut thru the seats of the valves when you did the resurface, I'm not sure if you could of done any better figuring out what would be wrong with the heads.
    I sent them to a pro shop Self Racing and paid upwards of $1,500 to have them repaired and reported to get the numbers I originally paid $4,400 for.
    Bad deal Joe, your not an upstanding guy.
    you will not survive in any business doing this crap.
    Al Kilgore

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    Sorry about what Joe did to you.

    He sounds just like scot from dumboflo and bret from bowels racing engines.

    They have no more right calling them selves professional as I do calling myself the King of England.

    Hope you get recourse and Joe gets what he deserves.

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    West by God Virginia

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    altune, sorry to hear you got always I suggest you read the first 3 threads of the scammer section and get info that will help you in recovering your money..Especially thread 3 that covers fraud by means of the internet...It is a powerful law and the law loves using it..They are trying to nip scamming in the bud now instead of letting it become something they can not control in the next 10 years..Good luck and if anyone on this site can help you they will be glad to as this is a great bunch of folks, except me....This site is responsible for giving advice and help that has sent more than one scammer to jail and put the hurt on some of the others that were taking money as they pleased but are now trying to feed the family by working honestly...Please keep us informed

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    Quote Originally Posted by wvhippie
    Yes, I have been call me your Highness, I am really the Lord of Windsor :shock:

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    WOW--DO YOU RUN A FORD????? :twisted: :twisted: [WINDSOR]- :idea: :idea: -----LIVELY

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    I posted this at another web site and they are making me out to be the problem guy, I guess he has a bunch of friends backing him up. Too bad though us justice system has no friends, they just listen to to the evidence.

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    I feel for Altune in this,unfortunately, the shop has a few friends and everything Altune said got lost in defense of the shop. Here's a link to it if you guys want to check it out.

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    the guys in the forum were asking for some proof of what I was posting.
    this is the first problem I found with out running the heads.[img][/img]

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    the lh port is 1/4 inch larger than the rh one.
    now , i'm not an engineer but besides the fact the header bolt hole is cracked. the size of the ports should be pretty close to so that the cylinders would be ballanced w exhaust flow. (not to mention the heads are brand new)
    this is his e mail responding to this:

    I apologize for any inconvinience this may of caused you.
    Professionally speaking, however, this will NOT cause any problems in how
    the car runs or the way the heads perform. I know it doesn't SEEM correct,
    but hear me out. As long as the bolt threads in and seats, or tightens, it
    will not affect anything. I wouldn't reccomend welding on this and trying to
    reshape the port. Head porters often do this, unfortuneatley and although it
    seems like the port that is a bit bigger will effect flow, it will not. I
    have dealt with this many times, with some of the threads into the port, but
    again, as long as you can thread the bolt in for the adapter plate and it
    tightens, it will be fine. The oversize port will NOT affect flow in any
    way, nor will it hurt power. I have messed with porting enough to know, and
    have even made some ports larger due to the way they compare on a bench,
    flow will not be altered. Please understand, neither of these situations
    will hurt the engines ability to breathe. It is not being said for any other
    reason but it is the truth. My reccomendation would be to bolt it up and run
    it. As long as the gasket seals, which it will, then run it. I have dealt
    with this when customers bring me their stuff, and have a larger port here
    and there which they do for testing purposes to see if the port wants to be
    that size, often times it just doesn't flow any more air. But it doesn't go
    down either, and does not hurt power. I would not steer you wrong and I am
    not saying to leave it because I don't want to take care of it. But I am
    saying whoever says it will hurt power or NEEDS to be fixed is wrong. I have
    been forced in the past to use alot of "junk" by other builders with worse
    problems than these, and it works. I would run the countersunk bolt in for
    the adapter plate, tighten it, and bolt the headers up. This will not hurt
    performance. The few threads that broke through will not leak, or come apart
    and will not strip out. You will cause more damage welding on that. Then
    having to report it, and relocate the bolt hole, and rethread just a
    waste of money. I do NOT run junk, nor would I tell you to run it if I
    thought it wouldn't work. I am telling you to run it because I know it will
    not hurt the cars performance. As for haveing to use adapter plates, every
    head has either a std. header flange or a Stahl header flange or in this
    case, both. Why the Stahl headers you have will not bolt up, I have no idea.
    They should be all the same. They are not spread port exhaust so the headers
    should fit. Yes, you did tell me you have a Stahl pattern with a big tube,
    and these do have a Stahl pattern, why they don't bolt up could not be
    foreseen. There is nothing wrong with running the adapter IF you have to.
    Please understand I will always do what I have to inorder to make a customer
    feel satisifed. But I need you to trust me on this. The few threads that
    went through will NOT hurt, nor the fact that the one exhaust port is a bit
    larger. I have had to run them like that before with no problem. The tube is
    big enough, and the slight overhang the header may have over the port will
    not hurt the performance. This setup was already done from a customer that
    was going on his engine before he decided to go with a bigger head. Again, I
    would not tell you to run this If I felt this would hurt anything. I know it
    may not seem right, but it will not hurt. Bolt it up, and run the car. You
    will see. I will have a better idea on when the pushrods will be done

    Maximum Race Engines

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