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Thread: How long yall been racing?

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    Feb 2007

    How long yall been racing?

    I'm the one in the middle, been going to race tracks for about 42 years. My daddy has raced boats, motorcycles, and circle track. Then I had to marry a racer so I have been to drag strips and motorx tracks with him. Just wanted to see how long yall been going. I have allot more old pictures of race car will put some on tomorrow. Vicki from Texas

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    Oct 2004
    florence ky
    I use to go to the drag strip with my uncle when i was a kid .
    Then i started drag racing myself in 1978 and been doing it ever since.
    I could have been retired by now instead of mentally unstable

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    My first time to go to the track was in 1966. My first time down the track was in 1987 an went 14.40. My fastest time is a 8.34 an my goal now is to go 7.70 1/4 or 4.90 1/8 and I do love the rush. Wesley

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    Pelahatchie, MS
    In 1982, when I was 15. :shock:

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    I started when I was 16, clear back in 1977.
    But got away from it when I was in my early twenties.

    I Have followed and loved the sport all my life and just recently got back into Hot Rods and racing.

    I am having the time of my life and owe a great deal to my friends here on this site.

    I remember going to our local track and watching the Snake vs Mongoose, Grumpy Jenkins and John Force when he drove a flopper for Wendy's.

    The old front engine dragsters and the way they smoked the tires down the entire 1/4 mile. Also how Force used to do 1/8 mile burnouts.

    Talk about fun and exciting days.

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    Moscow Mills, Mo.
    Been racing since 1970. My first car that I raced is an exact replica of the Gold Camaro I have now. I couldn't find my first car so I built one like it.
    Back then it ran best 12.73 @112mph. Ran Castler slicks or retreads then and it didn't hook. I drove the car to Alton Dragway put a jack in the trunk with some slicks and a few tools. Took off the mufflers and raced all day. Back in 1970 a 12 second street car was quick. Fastest ET 9.00 @148mph. Would have like to run an 8.90 ET. Still banging gears at 55 yrs old.

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    Started street racing in my first car, a 1967 Mustang fastback back in 1969. Got a few tickets which I really couldn't afford so I started going to the track at National Speedway in Long Island. It was a good hike from Connecticut to Long Island but cheaper than tickets! :lol: Almost 40 years later, I'm still racing a 67 mustang fastback although not the same one and a little faster than my original one. The more things change the more they stay the same. :roll:
    Stallion Racing 67 428CJ Mustang Fastback

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    Been around it all my life..made my 1st pass in 1979 in a 69 roadrunner with a 383...the pale yellow color with flat black hood..pistol grip shifter...

    i started STREET RACING "seriously" in 1982...with a 70 camaro,,,and i have never stopped...

    in my teens i worked at a GAS STATION where you maually pump the gas with orginal CHAIN Wallet and the METAL THUMB COIN CHANGER....

    it was a place where everyone hang out...we worked on our cars there and by the time i was 18 rys old i already had over 25 cars that i had traded for and got rid of for another that gas station there was some serious "STREET RACES" set up..........

    i know have a 63 vette with 632 and a 67 camaro with a 511....

    i have had a wild itch about buying another 71 camaro and doing just as Vince did..i am looking in the local 'Trader" newspapers..i saw one for $4500 but i was afraid to call...the car might have been nice and i would have to buy it

    Keep it up Vickie..there is nothing better than a woman loving fast wife also loves them..i traded and built her a 69 camaro 4 years ago...SHE HAS NEVER been on the strip until you got with me..SHE CAN DO A BURNOUT LIKE ANY DUDE that has been racing for years....

    HER BEST SOLO RUN....on DOT E.T. street tires, thru the mufflers, FOOTBRAKING, AT 3300 LBS...WITH A very mild PUMP GAS 406 ...was 7.60 et at 90 mph...not too bad for a grocey getter



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    started racing

    hhhmmmm whirlll [starting my brain] i guess it was back in the 70s around 74 or 75 while i was still in high school[ yea yea i know im old] with a 68 r/s camaro 4 speed like bjuice i had a bunch of cars before i was 18 knew the lady at the dmv by heart! im glad she liked me! small block chevy 2 carbs dual point dist posi 411 gears man i loved that car. then i went to the dark side a mopar! got a 71 cuda 360 4 speed yellow with a black vinyl top then a ford galaxcy man you could put 5 guys in the trunk[we did at the drive in] and 7 people in the car! o the good ole days! had to stop racing for awhile to raise the family took a couple years off but still went to the races and kept up with the sport by building engines and watching the nashville station[steve evans may he rest in peace] so on a so forth but now i own a top alcohol dragster and a alcohol funny carman what a ride!!! next!!!
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    Dothan Al.
    Well, I started in '70 when I was 14 and got a motorcycle license. My girlfriend (which is now my wife) started going with me in '74. 10 years ago my youngest daughter started Jr dragster racing. Then my oldest daughter started Jr racing to and three cars was too much. I quit sold my car and started racing with my daughters. My oldest quit and has just graduated from college and my youngest is a sophmore in college and we have a 235 Mullis dragster she races. Her quickest pass has been 4.78 at 145 in the 1/8th.


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