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Thread: lookin for some advice alchol injection/nitrous on gas...

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    lookin for some advice alchol injection/nitrous on gas...

    any one know anything about runnin blown injected alcohol and sprayin nitrous with gas...... god or bad??? can seem to find any info on this ... got a smaller blower than i would like to have and have a nitrous blower plate layin round with all the hardware... what u guys think ???

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    Bad Omem,
    There's not a better way to burn one down than this combo. First it's almost impossibe to jet for this combo.
    The simplest solution, if you're looking for a little more power just add a little nitro, maybe 10% to 20%, much easier to jet and will not burn down an engine like nitrous will. Just make sure you have enough pump to push the fuel. If you run any nitro you'll need atleast an enderle 110 or a hilborn 175B #2 pump, or an enderle 990. I'm talking 9 gpm plus pumps and keep the exhaust temp. below 1400 degrees with nitro.

    just my opinion.


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    yea just askin .lol never hurts... i got alot of experience with nitrous.. if all works out il;l have me a big blower by the middle of the weak and wont need the spray ..

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    Smarter idea, good luck with more blower.


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    No supercharger or turbocharger system is complete without a water methanol/alcohol injection system (most commonly referred to as alcohol injection). Whether or not you are running an intercooled system, the benefits gained from alcohol injection are so profound you simply can't afford to run without it. The best part is that these benefits can be realized in less than an hour... the time it takes to install our system. Such benefits include:

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    Increase horsepower safely by 10-15%
    Allows you to safely run more boost and timing
    Longer more stable combustion expansion and progression
    Removes carbon build up from combustion chambers, pistons and valves
    Reduces & helps eliminate damaging engine detonation & pre-ignition
    No need for expensive racing fuel or additives
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