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    High Idle

    cant get my idle down. its a street car. Everyturn i have to take i have to keep my foot on the gas and brake the same time. its a 600 edelbrock it wont idle under 2000 any ideas everytime i go to turn it down it just shuts off. how can i slow down idle?

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    If you cant get it to idle down more than 2000 I'd say you have a massive vacuum leak somewhere or the throttle blades are sticking in the bore.
    double check all your vacuum lines, I.E brake power booster vacuum line which is a big one that will cause that problem. PCV vacuum hose is another. also spray some carb clean around the base of the carb and see if rpms pick up you might have a base gasket leaking.
    Also I'm not real sure about an edlebrock carb but Holley's have a secoundary throttle bore idle adjustment screw that kinda hard to see. might look around the secoundaries and see if there is one on your carb it might be tweaked alittle.
    Goodluck. Charles
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    Remove the carb from engine and tie a rope around it and use it for anchor, then go buy a carburetor HOLLEY
    :P 8)

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    Dunno 'bout that, I've had good luck with Eledbrock carbs. Holley also, depending on the application.

    As said before, check for vacume leaks, base of the carb, etc. Also, if the timing is too far advanced, it will idle hi. Is the fast idle sticking, the part for the choke?

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