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Thread: experience with 16 volt batteries

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    experience with 16 volt batteries

    I haven't had a good experience yet. Been to the track twice and both times had to charge the battery to load up to go home. Was low enough it would only click the starter. First time only made 3 passes. Second time only 2 passes. Each time I had a few starts to set timing first time and to set launch control rpm after changing carbs the second time. The second time the battery had been on the charger all night and was not fully discharged before charging. I only have a 355 sbc roller motor so it shouldn't be a huge job to start it. Doesn't crank long and starts easily. Also did not have problems with this setup with a 12 volt battery. I had been led to believe that charging between rounds would not be necessary. Anybody else had less than spectacular results?

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    What kind of battery are you refering to? We run the Turbostart 16v gel type battery with great results, also have the charger that is recomended with that battery.

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    Better have your battery tested first. Sounds to me like a junk battery. It can't hold a charge. If that passes test your car for a battery draw that can be draing down to nothing. To do the 16 volt thing you'll need a second battery of 12 volts to operate all the accessorys otherwise you have real good chance of frying them like the tach.. But have the battery tested first.
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    The battery is a Vbattery 16 volt and the proper charger. I will bring a amp probe home from work and check all of my draws just to be on the safe side. I feel the battery might be at fault also but the tech guy said the voltages during and after charging were perfect. He wanted to know the voltage before charging but due to needing to load the car to go home, I had to charge for 15-20 minutes to start and load the car. If it happens again I will get him this reading. Everything I've read says the pumps, gauges, fan and ignition will be fine unless you charge without pushing the cut off switch off. Will a load tester for a 12 volt battery put enough load on the 16 volt?

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    The tester i honestly can say. I am not sure. I would try it and see what it does. I would still check for draws though.
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    The Turbostart gel battery has 12 and 16 volt terminals, Starter, water pump, fan, fuel pump is on 16v, all ignition and nos electronics are on the 12v terminal.

    I would think you have a bad battery if it doesnt hold up long.

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    Right here

    16 Volt batteries.

    I have had the same problems. Sent my battery back to Jeg's they sent me another one and I still have the same problems.

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    Sounds like a bad battery to me too. A quick check for a draw is to unhook the negative cable from the battery and connect a test light inbetween the cable and the battery, with all loads turned off the test light should not light up, if it does you have a draw somewhere, then start pulling fuses till it goes out which will help narrow it down.
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    Upon reinstalling the 12 volt battery and rechecking the draw I found that the 6AL box and delay box with throttlestop and launch control solenoids was pulling over 4 amps. I had wired these so they were on whenever the main power switch was on. Those have now been put on a circuit that is only on when the ignition switch is on. Works well with the 12 volt system. Will have to reinstall the 16 volt battery and recheck and try at the track.

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    Respnse on 16 volt battery

    We have been monitoring your forum.

    Brian, Thank you for reminding us all to check for draw on battery.
    A continuous 4 amp draw is a fair load.

    Please contact us if you have any problems.

    We have had less than 5 warranty batteries in 2.5 yrs,
    and aim to keep it that way with durable products and education.

    Warranty has been doubled on new purchases, because of this history;
    when used with the charger we recommend. Most concerns are related to the charger or procedure. We continue to discourage the use of the TS charger because of these issues.

    The 12 volt load tester will work, but wont last long......

    Let me know if you have any problems!

    Also, Check out the NEW 12 & 16 volt battery kit that weighs less than 20 #'s. All new technology and design.

    TheVbattery Company tech

    TRGAREED: Please contact us, we have your battery here,
    and it charges and load tests fine. WE want to resolve this.

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