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Thread: One more problem!!

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    One more problem!!

    I finally fixed the starting problem. Now that i got that down another problem came up just today. It looks as if anitfrezze/water are leaking out the oilpan on the left side of the motor. (if lookngi at it from the front) Its not the waterpump or hoses its lookes like it is right out of the oilpan where it bolts up right in the front. What could this be? What can i do? I drove the car mayeb a total of 5 miles since the motor was built by a shop as a crate motor. Please dont be anything bad Thanks

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    Have you looked at the oil?
    Is it milky? If so, you got water in your oil and I would not run it again until you get it fixed.

    Was this block checked for cracks etc before it was built?

    Did your crate engine come with any warranty?
    If it did or didn't call the builder and see what he knows.

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    ya a six month warrenty but thats over i changed the oil right after i changed the intake.MAyeb a blew a head gasket?

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    oil is now milky. Now What?

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    DON'T PANIC YET!!!!!!---you could have a bad gasket between the timing cover and the block that is just now showing up and it will leak water into the pan/check the long bolts that go thru the water pump and see if they are tight[DO NOT BREAK THEM OFF]/THE WATER PUMP CONNECTION COULD BE CRACKED WHERE IT CONTACTS THE COVER AND BE LEAKING IN ALSO---CHECK A FEW OF THESE SIMPLE THINGS FIRST BEFORE YOU PANIC PLEASE---HAPPY HUNTING --LIVELY IN ILLINOIS

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