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Thread: anyone runnng a blower with a forged crank?

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    anyone runnng a blower with a forged crank?

    In the process of building a blown alcohol motor for drag racing and am debating on either a forged or billet 4.15 stroke crank. I've "heard" that I will be fine with a forged crank and decided to go with aluminum rods instead of the billets that I had. Supercharger will more than likely be a 14-71, 528 inch Ford, 6.8 rod and 4.5 bore. Just curious how many people have used forged cranks and had success or a lack of success. Please share what your combo is or was. Thanks, Chris

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    The purpose of using a Billet Crank is not for the increaed strength. It is becuase the crank needs are different than is available in the quality forged pieces.

    If you can get what you want in a quality USA Crank that was forged by either Kellog or by the Louisville Foundries, by all means go with the forged one.

    Those crank companies that do offer both forged and billet will tell you that they feel the forged is stronger. David Crower of Cower, and Jay of BRC will both tell you they believe their forged cranks to be stronger thn their more costly forged ones using the same 4340 material.

    With a forging you will have grainular flow pattern developed inside the crank that will be similar to a grainular flow pattern of a tree.

    With a billet you will have the grainular flow patern interrupted by the cutting of the biillet.

    Wineberg offers their cranks in either the 4340 material or the EN 30B material. Sonny Bryant offers their billet cranks in the 4340M material. Arguably the 4340M, and the EN30B are more ductile than the 4340. I don't know. Joe Squires at Sonny Bryant says that their alloy is stronger. Randy at Wineberg says they are about the same.

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    Thanks for the info. Here's where running a Ford is a problem. My only options are "off brand China" forged cranks, or a Scat 4340 forged crank, or a billet by Scat, Crower, or Bryant. On alot of guys are running the forged Scat cranks and everyone has said the specs are perfect and that the cranks are a big step up from the China cranks. I may just use the Scat forged crank. I already have an aftermarket Eliminator block with splayed 4 bolt caps, a ton stronger than stock so I don't have to worry about block flex as much. Thanks, Chris

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    Well, I went to Winberg Crankshafts website and filled out a quote form, hopefully they'll have good news. Chris

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    Don't be fooled.
    The Scat, Eagle, Cat, Elgin Pro Stock, Wheelr, Renegade, and many private labels I do not know do come from China, no matter what they want you to think.

    Some of those named are receiving their finish maching process here by those whose names they carry. They are not forged in the USA foundries with good USA steel.

    The Ohio Crank stuff is claiming to not come from China, but from a different import nation. I have no idea what the truth is with those.

    The factory Ford Cast Nodular Crank is very strong and does offer a certain amount of ductability. The cast iron cranks don't.


    Call and talk direct with Randy at Wineberg.

    Sonney Bryant talk with Joe Squires

    BRC Performance talk with Jay

    Crower Racing talk with Kerry Novak or David Crower

    King Crankshaft is good by reputation but I do not know anyone there.

    Callies Crankshaft talk with Brook, Art, or Duane
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