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Thread: blower/dominator carb question...

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    blower/dominator carb question...

    ok got a 71 style blower going with 2 dominators on a bbc ... already have 1 brand new 4500 8082-1 went to buy another so i would have a pair and ended up buying a 8896-1 ... MY Mistake thought i had a 8896 already but was wrong.... HERES MY QUESTION whats your alls opinion on using the 2 together .. on the blower.. guy i know that has messed with blower motors told me to run em he said u wont even know the difference.. going to be a full drag car ... i just want it to idle and WOT thats about it dont care what it does mid range... whats your alls opinion?? is there anything i can block off or do to one or the other to make em work ???if anything is needed at all

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    i will be leaving off a trans brake also and using power valve block offs...

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    1st off..are the blower style carbs ?...your info is somewhat right to a certain will run with any carb you can get bolted on to it...the key is getting all you can out of it with the fine tunning..
    blower carbs give off a different signal than normal aspirated carbs..

    i am not a carb expert..but i would say if you haven't used the carb return it for a correct match or see below..

    now i have a guy here locally that can go into those carbs and match them right up..his name is John Poyer...owner of Poyer racing...he is not half cocked carb man...he has awesome flow carb benches..etc...1st class set up..i let him go thru my 1050 and he gound me over a tenth in carb work alone...if your interested i can give you his number...he has many of his carbs on some super gas stuff out of Florida and all over..he moved here from Florida 12 yrs ago.....

    Many people just overlook ( take for granted) their carbs. fine tunning the carb is all about squeezing out all the motor can give once you got the rest of it working as it should.

    let me Know if i can help....Brian


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    I thought blower carbs have to be refrenced to the blower to work correctly, forgive me if i'm wrong. I have worked around blower cars for a few years.

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    well traded for a alcohol hat fixed that problem

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