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Thread: blower/bottom end questions plus a few others

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    blower/bottom end questions plus a few others

    Decided to go with a blower setup for my motor and have heard alot of pros/cons so looking for a few answers. Motor is based on a 460 ford using an Eliminator Ultra block, bore will be 4.50, already have Oliver 6.80 billet rods, still need a crank. Original plan was to go with a 4.5 stroke but have heard that the motor will not hold up as well as a shorter stroke? It will be blown/injected alcohol drag use only. Anyone have any input on what stroke would be best? Options are 4.15, 4.30 or 4.50. Don't plan on turning more than 7300 rpm, cam is 284/[email protected] and .816int, .780 ex 114 lobe angle. Blower I bought is only a 6-71 (got a nice deal) but plan trading it for a larger one before I run it. Sorry for the long post, trying to avoid problems before I buy the parts. Thanks, Chris

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    chris, most blower classes limit the cid to around 526. Still that 6-71 is very small for that size or larger. If you are going to go semi serious drag motor here, then look for a good 14-71.
    Blower motors make lots of low end tork, so you really dont need to build big motors like 632s and such.
    I dont know much about blown fords, but if you go over to in the teck forum there is a guy, Mike Cantor, who seems to know a fair deal about blown fords. He would be a good guy to talk to.

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    Thanks for the info. I might go with a 4.15 stroke which would give me a 528. I was planning on calling RBS Superchargers and using their trade in program to see about getting a 14-71. Not sure what my blower is worth, its a Littlefield polished 6-71 set up for alcohol, teflon strips and ready to go. I got it from Hallbrothers Racing for $5,700 which included the mag, offset mag drive, intake, all belts and pullies, crank hub, fuel pump and drive, everything except for the Enderle hat which I already have. I just don't know much about running a blown setup but am about to learn and can't wait! Thanks for the input, Chris

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