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Thread: i want to run in the 10's "help"

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    i want to run in the 10's "help"

    it's been a while but im in thought .i have a 416 5.7 rod 666 solid roller 13 to 1 bowtie raised runner intake 210 fully cnc'd afr's 400 turbo 4000-4500 stall . i ran it sat it ran a 11.11 qt with a 7.1 1/8th it had a 1.52 60 foot. it seemed to hook fine and went thru the traps at 6200 with a 4.10 gear and 28 12.50 15 ,im running a 950 hp vacuum carb . .............. can you help me getter in the 10's . im thinking to try a 850 but i have a 4500 dart intake and a 10.50 dominator i could try but dont want to swap inakes if i dont have to ... or do i need more gear so i get out harder and pull thru them end at a higher thinking the vacuum secondary is hurting my 60 foot because it's only two barrel for a second. ive thought about caltracs but it runs a good 60 foot with 11.11 qt. i ran the 1/8th at 7.1 with 104 mph but only 122 mph qrt. any thoughts of help would be greatfull. im open to try anything. i was at 32 degrees timing but im going to 36 next.. thank you guys.

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    i think the engine has enough to go deep 10's but im open . my biggest down fall is 1.5/8 headers to 3" exhaust.

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    I am not a door car guy but i run a drabster with a 565 over a 1000 hp and i run a 4.10 gear. I would think you need at least 4.56s or maybe 4.88s. Motor should be capable of a good bit more RPM at the stipe.

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    Is this a street car, or race car?
    122 mph is good for 10.80s to 10.90s, according to my moroso speed are getting close.
    4.88s would help. What tire are you running?, Car?
    Trim some weight off of it. Fiberglass hood if you dont already have one.
    A good double pump carb, I think the dominator would be too big. Good gas and bump the timing up 2 degrees at a time and watch the plugs.
    It is very difficult to give tuning information over the internet without seeing the car....
    good luck

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    With a 7.1 1/8 and 104 MPH it is really pulling hard from the 60' to 660' and then starts to fall off it seems.

    Out of curiousity what size headers are you running since it wasnt mentioned ?

    How much fuel pressure do you have in the 1/4 lights ?

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    More gear would help matters
    spin that motor up a bit motor, I wouldnt try the 1050 it'll be to big. Get rid of the vac. secondary stuff. I think a gear change would find the et your looking for.

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    thanks guys. ok im not sure of the fuel pressure at 1/4 lights im running 7 psi at carb with a bg220 system im only running 1 inch 5/8 primaries with 3 inch collector and 3 inch race magnums. im running 28/12.50 et streets with 12lbs of pressure. im running the 950 vacuum because it was all i could get on a budget but i have a 950 dbl i can borrow. im sure the headers are hurting me. IT IS IN A 91 S10 SO ITS HARD TO GET A GOOD AFFORDABLE HEADER FOR IT . BUT IM GOING TO SOON .I MIGHT TRY A 456 BUT THOUGHT IT MIGHT HURT BUT THIS ENGINE SEEMS TO LIKE RPM. I DO DRIVE IT ON THE STREET AND TO AND FROM TRACK. IM NOT AFFRAID OF DOUBLE PUMPERS ON THE STREET . I WILL TUNE IT PERFECT . I JUST LIKE HEARING FROM SOME GUYS WITH A LITTLE MORE EXPERIENCE. THANK YOU

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    Along with the gear change mentioned above, it probably wouldn't hurt to go to an 1 7/8 primary, not sure but I think a 2" might be to big, but correct me if I'm wrong.

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    make one change at a time. change the timing go up 2degs and then 1 deg at a time to see were it is. give as much timing intill the mph falls of and then pull it back a deg. most 400's that i have had on the dyno with about the same combo you have like about 35-37 deg of timing. lock out the timing i have and always lock out the dist on the street or track. if you pointer is dead on then you should see max power at or around this deg's of timing. double pumper carb of the same size that you have now or the 850 if it's a mech sec. the headers should be fine. if you want pull the header and make sure the header tube is the same size or bigger then the exh port and it will be fine. if the exh ports on the heads are bigger then the header tubs you have a problem.. if the car starts slow cranking because of the locked out dist then wire the ign box so you can crank the car and then flip the switch for ign and you should have no problems. good luck

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