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Thread: welding flux or argon???

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    welding flux or argon???

    which one u guys think is better ??? pros and cons on both?? and which is stronger

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    Since you said "flux" I would assume you are mig welding.
    Flux core wire is ok, but you need to clean off the weld after. For gas use a co2/argon mix , it is 75/25 of each. Do not use strait argon with mig, and do not use the co2/argon mix with tig...

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    yes mig welding some brackets on a chassis u think flux wire will be ok i have read that it penetrates better but not as pretty... yes i clean it with a wire brush after every weld....seems like it hold really good just thought about switching over since i already got wire just need argon...

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    Yeah, pure argon is for TIG welding aluminums and stainless,or the exotics like chromemolly. Be CAREFULL! the way it works is by displacing oxygen. It can suffocate you quick in a confined area.

    With an ER70 series solid wire on mild steel (1040's) CO2 is just fine and least expensive. 75/25 and TriMix generate more heat but don't figure in to the strength given the same penetration and bead profile. Largely dependent on deposited weld metal strenght (ER70=70,000psi tensile) and profile (width, height, depth....)

    Several manufactures offer quality Flux-cored wires, in various diameters.

    As with most welding proceedures, the final "strength" (quality) is proper proceedure by the operator (skill).

    Proper equipment, materials, and application = success!

    If you'd like, give me model machine, dia wire, mat'l thickness, etc. and I'd be glad to give you specific pointer's .
    I don't want to arrive at the pearly gates in perfect shape, rather I want to come sliding in, all burnt up, screaming "WHAT A RIDE"!

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    I have found that using an argon mix makes for a better weld with less spatter but doesnt necessarily penetrate any better, but I would definatley use argon instead of using flux wire. Maybe I just never got the hang of it but the beads always seemed to be bigger and bulkier than with other wire.

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