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Thread: Come to your own conclusion.(Veron Alabama)

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    Come to your own conclusion.(Veron Alabama)

    I saw a 1994 Beretta on RJ. I called the seller in Vernon,AL to inquire about the car. The Seller told me that the car has a Brand New 505 Engine that was guaranteed by a engine builder in Ohio,and that the car run in the 4's. He told me that he was selling the car due to he had heart surgery. I arrange to go and see the car. I got there and the car was nice and it sounded great. the car had a new hood on it and I was told the reason for the new hood is that the old hood got destroyed because the previous owner turned a small block 10,000rpms and the motor came a part. So I left and called him back and told him that I would buy the car. He wanted requested that I send him half the money, I thought that was a fair request. So I made arrangements to send him half the money and I did. So we met at the Georgia and Alabama line. He and a friend met me, and we unloaded the car. I took the car home, this was on a Friday and it rained. So I wasn't able to drive the car until a couple of weeks later and the car stayed in the trailer. I do a lot of traveling due to my type of work. My buddy called me and told me that he checked the oil on the Beretta and it was full of water. I called the guy back in Vernon, Alabama and told him about it, the first thing he told us to do was look at the intake gaskets. The guy told me that he was sorry and wanted to do whatever he had to do to satisfy me. my buddy removed the intake, and found the gaskets broke and reused. My buddy is a 20 year mechanic for GM and now works for the state as foreman. So he is a well qualified mechanic. This caused concern first, why would a new motor have old and broken gaskets on it, second is the motor hurt and third how would he know to check the gaskets right out the gate? Once we found this out we knew that we had to get the car to the track and we did. The fastest the car got was in the mid 5's and lost oil pressure. Got the car home dropped the oil pan to check the bearings. We found that the bearing was turned, one of the caps was broke and marked with a magic marker, at that same cap, the block had damage done to it. You guess it Nitrous Explosion had happen at some point and that's why the new hood was installed. I called the guy and he told me he wanted to make it right and he would help me out with the repairs. I sent him pictures of the parts. He hinted around that i may have changed the motor. Lets think about this, if you paid 25,000,00 for a car, why would you change the motor. Well its now May 07 and this happen in August 06. When I called him I was told that he was headed to the hospital, so I backed off thinking I was doing the right thing. I even offered a fair settlement of 3000.00 and no response. I have tried many times to contact him, I even saw where he has more items for sell on RJ, I emailed him and no response. I just wanted to share my experience with buying items over the net. I learned a valuable lesson that a mans word means nothing to some people. If your thinking about buying something in that part of Alabama (Vernon)contact me and I will give you the information to see if your dealing with the same guy. Just want to make sure your better educated about the person your dealing with.

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    Oyea forgot to add that the motor was a 468 instead of a 505. According to the FBI web page this falls under Internet fraud by misrepresentation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dupont24
    Oyea forgot to add that the motor was a 468 instead of a 505. According to the FBI web page this falls under Internet fraud by misrepresentation
    Dealing with the same kind of situation just on a smaller scale. Hope you get it worked out.

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    $25000 and a screwed up motor!Looks like I would have been back at his house ASAP for a refund in full! Too many people let this stuff slide by and let it almost take a year and no responce,You need to take a trip to his house and face him like a MAN and get whats rightfully yours! Just my 2 cents.Don't let this go without a trip to see him in person,that usually works,If you got to go see him in the hospital :twisted:

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    It's a shame that a man's word is worthless these days! I have personally purchased a Nova and a dragster on Ebay and a Camaro on RJ, spoke with the sellers numerous times and have had no problems at all, I guess I 've been lucky because every deal came off clean and everyone went away happy. I did buy a cheap 408 and did not even uncrate it for 6 months and it was a pile of junk ( cracked aluminum heads, MUD in the pan ect) but I should have checked it out right away, this was my learning experience.

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    Vernon Alabama sill scamming

    Quote Originally Posted by Dupont24
    Oyea forgot to add that the motor was a 468 instead of a 505. According to the FBI web page this falls under Internet fraud by misrepresentation
    . I can tell you this guy got me to trade him my car and was still pulling that heart milking trick,so I delivered my car and got the trade and said he.d have to send me the expense money he promised every. Since then nothing but excuses,screen name hotrodg,beware

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