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Thread: trying to collect from Localboy out Nashville TN

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    trying to collect from Localboy out Nashville TN

    I have been trying patiently since the middle of March. To collect a Nitrous system or my money from Localboy. Bought 3 systems from him and he only sent 2. The system that didn't not come, was paid for by another guy I know. But since it did not come with my systems it looks as if, I stole his moeny. So papers were filed against me, and I had to pay back his money. Can anyone tell me how I can go about filing a small claim against Localboy. Will I have to go to Nashville, or can I file in North Carolina where I stay? Any help will be greatly appericated. I have been emailing him and calling him for 2 months now. Have been made several promises to ship the other system, as well as recieve my money back. Not gonna let it go, I'll be losing more than double what I paid. Oh and by the way I paid with a Postal Money, hate I didn't use Paypal.

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    Let me make sure I understand...You ordered 3 systems and I am assuming they were just alike for you and a bud of yours :!: You got 2 of the systems so you kept both systems and your bud had to file papers against you to get his money :!: Looks like you would have given him one system and then looked for the other system or the money since your the one that did the ordering...I bet he is not a bud now...Good luck, I think....

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    You can sue from your home state, he will have to travel to you.

    Never pay with a money order.

    I have to agree with Perry, why didn't you give the other guy one system and keep yourself out of court, if localboy finds this out it will help his case.

    If you are going to sue him, you need his full name, address, phone number, dba, business address if different than his home address, and some that I do not remember. go online and check the laws and statutes in your state for small claims.

    Better than suing in your town, call judge judy and see if they will take the case.

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    no I bought 2 foggers and the other bought a plate system.

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    Using a postal money order gets the Gov't involved. Since it crossed state lines it's Interstate wire fraud. He'll eventually pay or go to jail if you pursue it... :lol:

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    Go talk to your Post Master General.I don't know how its processed but if mail is involved they will prosecute.

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    Go to the FBI web page and review its Internet Policy. Hope this help.

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    Thanks for all the info. will let you know how things turn out.

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    What is the guys name, I am about 20 miles from Nashville.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skilsmoov
    Thank you for all your info. But Localboy and I have reached a settlement agreement. This is has truly been a learnig expercience.

    About to go racing!!

    Case closed
    There Is 1 Thing Better Than Cubic Inches,,,More Of Them

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