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Thread: runnning on methanol facts

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    runnning on methanol facts

    Need somebody to tell me the dos and don'ts of running methanol. Bought a dragster that runs methanol. It has a 632 bbc, bodex 2x heads, 14 to 1 comp, BLP pump and 1250 carb. What temp do you leave the line at? If the engine loses temp during the run are the jets too big? It has 208s. Heard methanol engines like heat. What timing is good? 34 now. Whats a good shift point? Any good facts will be appreciated. thanks John

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    I roll into the burnout box around 160-165 degrees no water pump or fan on at all. I usually gain 5-10 degrees during a 1/4 mile run, once i get to the return road I will flip the fan/water pump on. If it losing temp during a run its usually a good sign of being rich and you should lower the jets.
    If the motor has good parts in it shift it 7200-7400. My motor liked 32 degree's timing on the dyno and seems to be the sweet spot on the track also, that is something you will have to play with a little to find out the right combo.

    Now most 632 ci motor should be on gas, you are to the point of alky will not be as far or as good as a good gas set up. Take that for what its worth, I am a diehard alky user and wouldnt run it on anything over 598ci

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    alky 632

    I run a 588" but injected. It seems to run best at 150 launch. 1180 at the finish 36 degrees and if your engine cools going down track its FAT, FAT. I also turn pump and fan on after run.

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    jet size

    John, I have a 565 on alcohol with BLP pump, 1250 Bolaws carb and i run 216 jets and its not too rich. EGT is around 1,040 degrees and plugs look good. I tyr to leave the line at 140 to 160 to run consistant. Hammertime is right alcohol does like heat, if you get it to around 180 it will be faster,but if you run 160 1 time and 180 the next it will run different et.s. I also run 34 degrees timing. What is your fuel pressure at the finish line. Hope this helps! Thanks.Don

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    inj BBC 505... 170 deg on the starting line ...with the waterpump running..gains zero heat during the run.. picks up 10-15 deg when we lift at the finish line ...turn the fans on after the finish line...pick up the time slip park the car and its at 170 deg...another nice thing about getting the motor temp up is the oil starts get rid of any water build up..this starts to happen at @ 170 deg alcohol carb set up I leave at 180 and see 200 after the run...very little water in the oil

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    thanks for the info. help a lot. let you know how we do!

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