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Thread: are ladderbars for everyone????

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    are ladderbars for everyone????

    hello everyone
    I have heard that ladder bars dont really work on a small tire car. meaning28x10 size tire. inconsistant 60' times, but that they work on large tire combos 32" and up, can anyone shed some light on this subject.
    thank you for your time.

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    they will work on anything, well except for a front wheel drive car, if properly installed and set up......they are a very good basic suspension traction device...

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    i'm not a chassie guy but i ran them in my mustang 10.5w car and it has 1.18-1.21 60ft times almost every time.

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    Ladder Bars will work on most any rear drive car. They are easier to understand how to get them to work and many people end up getting them to work without even understanding the concept of how they work and why to adjust what.

    A 4-link and a 3-link is superrior if adjusted and tuned right. Most 4 link cars would be better off with Ladder Bars.

    With Ladder Bars there is not that much avalable to adjust.

    Even with Ladder Bars, I do prefer them to have adjustable links for pinion angle changes and pre-load adjustability.

    In my opinion, I have the best, the strongest, and most adjustable Ladder Bars there is.

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    I run a ladder bar on my camaro with 10" slicks, very consistant. My problem is a heavy car with small tires and alot of horsepower, means I'm the first to know when the track goes away.

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