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Thread: chevy intake

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    chevy intake

    I can't decide on an intake manifold i have a SBC 400 with a solid roller cam 4000-7600 a set of the new 215 dart pro 1's and a 850 demon i'd just be quick to say use a vic jr but is there a better intake? under 500 i know theres some CNC intakes out there.

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    Your on the right track,use the victor jr
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    The 2975 Victor Jr. is a good manifold for a 400 with good heads. Your power band should be right were the Victor makes power. You could look into the Weiand Team G series too. These intakes have slightly less plenum volume then the Victor and Super Victor. You might not have to rev your 400 quite so high. Plus the smaller plenum volume could help make more power down low for the launch, without sacrificing top end. Of course with a 400, your going to have nice mid range anyway. Just a thought....

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    i experimented on a mild 406 with a victor jr and a super victor .. the super victor was by far the best out of the two it would drop from a 1.56 60 foot to a 1.62 but ran 11.60 compared to the 11.73 or the victro jr.. but when i added a 950 hp vacuum secondary it ran 11.40 best . i sold the super victor to try a torklink custom intake and it sucked and i went back to the vic jr because i sold the super and didnt have the cash to buy a super again . then sold car ... but good luck on what evr you decide.

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    360 intakes don't have isolated runners. an all out victor sounds like it hurts the 60 ft and thats why i went with 215 runners instead of 230. don't know where you found a 950 cfm vac sec i thought the biggest made was demon's 850 with annular boosters like i have.

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    timmy the super victor is the intake to use or the brodix the reg victor not enough intake. i have been doing this for lots of yrs and the engine that your building is fine with super vic. i had a 406 in a chevelle pump gas small roller and it made well over 500hp& 500ftq and went 11.30 with the super vic. it's not that much bigger then the reg victor it's tall with better intake runners. there is no way a reg victor will out perform the super on a 400 or larger small block.

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    super vic

    the ports on the super vic are to big at the head i'd have to gasket match my heads before i could use that intake. the new darts have been wet tested i don't know if i should mess with them

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    The Brodix HV1000 intake ports come small so you can match port them to your cylinder heads .They work quite well.
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