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    I was wondering if anyone has personally used any of these spacers and if they really work.The one i was looking at is the 1 inch phenolic for a dominator.

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    Just placed one on my car, I'll let you know. I was told between the 3 (open/4-hole/butterfly) the HVH butterfly will give you alittle more low end. But like I said just got it on my car. (dominator)

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    each spacer does a different thing,the super suckers work but only if you use the right spacer from the job.i'll give some cases, if the intake is to small in volume then you would use a open hole or if your not getting enough signal under the carb then you could go with a 4 hole. if the engine seam like it needs more intake volume and more signal you can use both . if you were to put a dominator on a mild big block and you can't get it to idle right and off idle through the first 2000 rmps are lazy and the timing and carb is close then you would put a 4 hole on it to increase the signal under the carb. but if you had that same big block that was built for all out drag and it seamed to run out of rpm early then make the intake volume lager with a open spacer.if you list all the stuff in the engine i could answer it better.

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    From our testing

    We've run for over 20 years now and the HVH is the best spacer we've used with ET and MPH results that back it up.
    We ran alot of runs back to back over the years testing with open, four-hole, 1 inch, 2 inch, "plastic", wood, ones and the top of the line HVH versions.
    Quick generalization:
    The 4 hole helped the 60 foot
    The Open designed picked up the top end mph
    The HVH versions out performed on both ends of the track...the top-side being a four-hole that transfers into the open design was a stroke of genius on their part.
    Go with the aluminum if you do alot of street driving or circle racing...go with the phenolic (plastic) if your drag racing.
    We do have these is stock if your interested...
    See Ya,

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    FLASHBACK351 : i was just wondering the diffence on aluminum on the street to phenolic drag racing im runing phenolic on the street just trying to learn you say you sell them do you have a web site thanks

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    The phenolic ones tend to get "burned" after awhile...the process would occur faster if used for alot of street use. The heat from the engine cooks them so to speak.
    The positives are: They are lighter and will keep the carb/fuel cooler.

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    Try the HVH 1" spacer right side up - then upside down after you have a baseline on the first application, then try the second.

    Yup! I have seen more power (5 hp & more torque) on some applications by just making this one change on an engine dyno. I know, it sounds strange and I can only speculate as to why it occurs. But, it happens on occasion, so give both a try.

    The advice by the rest of the guys is very good. It all comes down to trial and error, but the 1" is a very good start and generally more effective than the 2". But guess what? The 2" may be better, you just have to give them a try, either right side up or upside down.

    If none of them help you - try some shear plates. Comp Cams has some good cheap ones that may help you. Don't forget the fuel and timing changes when using all the combinations to make maximum power. Signal changes to the carburetor may require some more fuel and timing with every spacer or shear plate change.

    Good Luck.

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    Upside Down???

    Now you've got me curious... :idea: ...I'm going to have to try that now!!
    I've tried crazier stuff before!!

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    Maybe you could stack them and get multiple horse power gains,LOL did you ever think of that?

    Them plates I feel are a waste of money for the HP increase you get from them.
    What are they like 100 bucks,and maybe at best you "might" get 3 to 7 hp gains,and some are "0" gains.

    Save your money,take your wife out to dinner.You'll get a better retirn for your money :P :P :P
    There Is 1 Thing Better Than Cubic Inches,,,More Of Them

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    I repsectfully disagree, I've seen people spend alot more for 3-7 hp...our dyno runs showed more than that (and our ET slips before that) but we'll use your numbers, not a bad bang for the buck when your looking for any additional gains.

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