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Thread: First race car

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    First race car

    I've been a long time drag racer, grew up around it and built a car with my dad. Raced street cars off an on over the last 20 years and finally decided I should try to get back into it. I found racing junk and started calling and talking to people selling. I found two cars in TX that we're both very similar and priced about the same. I live in Iowa and that's a 1000 mile drive. I told both that I was looking at multiple cars and that I wasn't sure exactly when I would be there. So long story short, after driving straight to Texas towing a 32' trailer to look at these cars, I picked the one I was most likely to buy first. It was certified, recently raced, and documented prof that it was recently refreshed. Of course when I see it I know I wanted it. We made a deal and I got it. I would never leave someone hangin so I called the other guy and told him I had purchased a different car and didn't want to waste any more of his time with his car. He seemed accepting and we hung up. Well, after the car was loaded and we started heading down the road, a pick up truck passed me. About a mile down the road the same truck was going slower than me with his hadards on. He was motioning me to pass him. So I slowly started to. He then veered into my lane blocking me from passing. So I stopped. He kept motioning me to come up so I did. It was an old guy who wanted to know what was in the trailer. I told him I just bought a car. He says well no shit, you didn't even have the courtesy to come look at mine. I apologized for any inconvenience that I may have caused and he sped off. Now I'll admit, I'm sure I could have been more clear about the fact that there was a possibility I would buy a car without even looking at his. But if you're selling a car, it should be ready to sell. If you take all day getting it ready because it isn't, that's your problem. Guy was borderline criminal with his actions on the road. And knowing with the kind of money I was traveling with and now with an expensive car, it's very dangerous pulling a stunt like this. People these days are crazy. I guess people from yesterday can be just as crazy.

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    Was the person a member on Racing Junk?

    As close to "Normal" as I can get...

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    I don't know if he's a member or not. I am assuming so since he has an add here. mlawlisbmw is his user name.

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