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Thread: screued up rj

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    screued up rj

    whats with the line of bullshit on the left of ever add that is puled up ?? like the face book symbol ?? what happen to the line across the top that made it easy to find your profile an hunt for certain cars or parts ???

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    Absolutely, ks out

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    Yeah you cant even read the ads. This sucks.

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    OK, I am by far, not a tech savvy person, and I don't look at the ads often. But I went from this forum page to an advanced search under the classifieds icon at the top of the header, and searched for all ads within 200 miles of me with no problem. While i was on the classifieds side, I clicked on my account at the top right and went to my profile...

    I like, most, hate change, but it wasn't a deal breaker, as it took about 30 seconds each time to figure it out...
    If you think nobody cares, try missing a payment...

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    Quote Originally Posted by manley View Post
    Yeah you cant even read the ads. This sucks.
    Yes! I agree. You can't even read the ads. Why would they do that? They have to know that it blocks the ads.
    Can we get rid of it?

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    If you hover over the bottom of the icons, the left arrows will appear and you can click them off. Problem is you have to do it every time you click to the next ad.

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    You should try placing a ad from your phone and have to maneuver around it! What a pain in the ass.

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    I dont get it cause it doesnt block the ads on my laptop or desktop? Its on the left or right but in its own space so no issues here? Could it be a screen setting on you guys stuff?

    As close to "Normal" as I can get...

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    Racepartsunlimited is really starting to turn into something. They do almost everything rj does but for free. RJ needs fix their issues

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    Havent found anything I like about this new format.

    Search does not work properly

    10 ads per page when searching.

    Complained about it weeks ago to RJ but nothing done.

    I know one of their top advertisers, guess I need to talk to them about it.

    It would be nice to hear from RJ as to what they are doing about all this rather than "we are aware of these problems"

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