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Thread: I have an idea for the commercial ad posting problem!

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    I have an idea for the commercial ad posting problem!

    Hey RJ.
    I have an idea for the problem of you listing all of the dealers on continuous pages of the site and making everybody mad. If you can't give them there own section, how about if you were to at least mark all ads with the word "Private" or "Dealer" somewhere in the heading of each ad. That way we will all know who is listing the ad and can decide if we want to check out the ad or not. You have to do something because just spreading them out is still not working because you're just spreading out the ads between the dealers and making it even harder to find the individual sellers!
    Just my thoughts, but I believe it would help.

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    I believe the only way to be fair to everyone that places ads, be it private
    owner or dealer is to have separate sections. One for Private owners and one
    for Dealers. Craig's List does it, why can't Racing Junk? RJ seems to have more
    paying sponsor ads than CL, and RJ has annual paying members, plus some make
    honor payments on their sales and trade differences. (I did). Craig's List is free for all private owner ads if I am correct. (I never paid for an ad, or was asked to make a honor payment).

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    Hey guys,

    Please know that we have heard your concerns about the influx of dealer inventory in a select few categories. As exciting as it was to bring in so many new ads for our members it did come with a couple of bumps along the way.

    That being said, we want to assure you that we are currently working on a couple different solutions, the first of which is currently being implemented to help spread the dealer ads throughout the classifieds instead of loading them all together at the top of the listings. We also have some exciting work being done to implement a user friendly sorting tool that will allow you to choose which type of ad you would like to view (private vs dealer).

    We are always looking to improve RacingJunk and thank you for being patient and loyal members. If you ever have any questions or concerns about the site, feel free to email us or give us a call.

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    No sorting tool, just put the dealers in another area of RJ...Also, the Animations and ads take a long time to load.

    You will start losing your private customers. we only post a couple, your dealers swamp your site, and I for one will NOT renew my membership!


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    Great news!

    The new user friendly sorting tool is up and running on RacingJunk. You can now choose to only look at private or dealers ads. We have them separated by a new tab system which lets you quickly jump from one group to the other. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to give us a call.

    Additional information can be found here:

    As always, thanks for the feedback!
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    Glad you like it! Any time you see a dealer acting as a private seller please let us know so we can handle them appropriately.
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