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Thread: Scammer Alert: Matt Wenke

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    Scammer Alert: Matt Wenke

    Wanted to let everyone know here in the event you know him or have dealings with him. He lives in Kansas and is trying to scam me out of over $700 dollars. Here is my write up on the Corral. He goes by fast428 on there.

    I want to inform everyone that this guy is not legit. We made an agreement for the purchase and shipping of this housing on 7 Jan 16 and within 5 minutes of hanging up the phone, I Paypal him the money we agreed on. That was 7 Jan 16. He has not sent the housing, though he claimed he did on 21 Jan 16 and he also said he was going to send a tracking number. He has done nothing.

    He talks very nice and has been polite through the whole process but has done virtually nothing he said he would. I asked for my money back and he said it would take a couple days to change money around in his accounts. He then said he was going to send the housing. That was the third time he said he was going to do it and never did. Here are our transcripts on the Corral here. I have also filed a claim with Paypal and wanted to let everyone know this guy is a scammer and cannot be trusted.

    I made an agreement with Matt Wenke for the purchase of a built 8.8 differential for a Foxbody Mustang. We did the deal on the It has been nearly a month and he has my money but has not sent the part. Here is the transcript. His name is Matt Wenke

    Originally Posted by ERStettin: Where are you located? What is your bottom dollar? Thanks

    Originally Posted by fast428 (aka Matt Wenke): I'm in Kansas close to Wichita I have $XXX in it and I'd like to get very close to breaking even on it

    Originally Posted by ERStettin: Ok, my wife is home in two hours. I will make sure she will not kick me in the balls if I get this. I would offer $XXX and you pay shipping. If you are good with it and my wife leaves my balls alone, it is as good as sold.

    Originally Posted by fast428 (aka Matt Wenke): I'd do $XXX shipped bottom dollar.

    Originally Posted by ERStettin: No thanks. I have spent a lot of money lately and know what I can do with the remainder I have left and I am now down to pinching pennys. Good luck.

    Originally Posted by fast428 (aka Matt Wenke): So $XXX shipped is your best offer?

    Originally Posted by ERStettin: Yes sir, that is all I can afford at the moment. I just bought a car.

    Originally Posted by fast428 (aka Matt Wenke) Ill do that as long as you pay the paypal fees.

    Originally Posted by ERStettin: How much is that on $XXX?

    Originally Posted by fast428 (aka Matt Wenke): They take 3% right off the top so it'd be $XXX.

    Originally Posted by ERStettin: Ok, I will paypal you $XXX for this. What is your phone number, e-mail and name please? Mine is as follows, ship here:
    Ed Stettin
    12234 XXXXXXX
    Janesville, WI 53546
    [email protected]

    Originally Posted by fast428 (aka Matt Wenke):
    Matt Wenke
    11223 XXXX
    Conway Springs ks 67031

    Email and paypal is [email protected]

    I then called him on the phone to confirm everything and make sure he got his money. He had his money in literally 5 minutes of me hanging up the phone.

    He has given me many different excuses for not shipping the part. I have still not received it.

    We have talked via text and phone calls. He has said it was packaging issues, then he didn't want to sell it for said price. I asked for my money back and he said it would take a couple days to get it to me because he had to rearrange his bank accounts. After 3 days he said he was going to ship it the next day and send me a tracking number, he never did. Now he is not answering my calls or texts. I have been nice and patient with him but am now done. I want to let everyone know in this thread to not trust him. I have also filed a claim with Pay pal and plan on escalating this as much as possible to get my money back. Buyers beware.

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    Just let paypal know you never received the part and make a claim. As long as you didnt send the money as "gift" you should be OK

    As close to "Normal" as I can get...

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    Thanks. I have done that and wanted to let everyone know about him so they don't get scammed.

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    I got a full refund from him on Paypal last night. It doesn't clear until the 8th though. Once that happens and I have the money back in my account; he will be off the hook. I will continue to let people know about him though. He is not a guy I would recommend buying or selling anything too because of trust issues.

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    The check cleared and I have my money. He had it for 1 month and 2 days. I would not recommend doing business with this guy.

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