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Well here is an update, I sent murray a pm a couple days ago asking him if he was ever going to send dave his engine or refund his money and asked for an answer so i would not have to post this again. Dave had to have his attorney (mr. lawrence Delay) prove the amount Dave had in fact been paid to murray, seems murrays memory was foggy when dave told him his book keeper had lost paperwork, well his attorney did in fact get all the banking records and seems murray was over paid by $3,548.93, makes a total paid to murray of $35,297.93, now to be fair murray sent dave a rebuilt small block (not a race motor) back in 2016 and thats all Dave has got to show for his money, not sure what he charged dave for that motor but my guess is that murray must owe Dave Dunlap at least $27 to $29K or Dude at least send him his motor. MURRAY, if I am wrong come on this site and let me know, some of you might want to know why I am posting this and not Dave Dunlap, he is a great friend and a good guy but does not own a computer nor would he know how to use one. now with what Dave sent murray and attorney fees he is out over $40K.
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