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Oops,sorry! It is a 1150 Dominator on a Professional Products intake. Everything is portmatched to a Felpro 1275 ( I think thats the one). I DID do alot of clean up work inside the intake due to HEAVY casting flash,but the runner seem to have a nice shape/flow to them. The previous cam I had was a Comp Magnum

Previous cam:

Your specs on my current cam are correct. I knew it was waaaay too big but it got for a song ($80?) and I did pick up two tenths with it. I have tried shifting as high as 7200 and saw no improvement at all. I believe the heads are tapped out at that point. They flow,out of the box, only 375 cfm at max and they peter out above 650 lift. The extra lift probably hurt me. The improvement I did see was probably a result of the extra duration. That Magnum cam had a real lazy lobe due to being a "street roller" as it is advertised. With the magnum can the car never 60'-ed better than a 1.650 ops: but would pull like mad on the topend.

Another bit of info to throw in the mix. Like I said before,it has a manual vb th400. Twice I have accidentally left in 2nd gear. 60 foot,et and mph were all unaffected by this. Too much gear? Need a 'Glide? Just putting it out there.

Thanks for the advice so far.I will say one thing...this cam sounds sooo good!It surprised me it will idle at 1,000 rpms,sorta,but it sound healthy! I'm wondering if I should re-cam or if I should repiston with...what would you say...14:1? Or do you think I am at a lack of airflow thru the heads for my current cam?
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