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Also, I had a priming tool that apparently blocked oil passage when the lower part of it would get out of alignment where it fit in the distributor hole.
I primed and primed and rotated and rotated with a 1/2" drill, Nothing!!

Changed tool and that thing immediately pumped oil everywhere.

The first tool had a little c-clip on it letting the shaft move up while trying to prime.

The new one had a pin through it so it could not move.

Just a thought!

Damn fast75vega, you are OLD, that's old school tech, and nothing ever works better. 482 is right some of the priming tools/bodies block part of the oiling galley's, but still oil the rods and mains. Hell used to have a set of sm/blk heads sawed in parts so i could check the valve to piston clearance before assembling the running heads, i had sawed them just outside the valve guides on both int. and exh.


thats why i just use and old stock dist and cut the top off and then put the shaft back in and tack weld a washer around the shaft to keep it from falling out and you only need to chuck it up to a 1/2" drill and prime away. i made mine years ago and still got em as well as the valve covers cut out for adjusting the rockers and checking for proper oiling
im not that that old brother... a few years from 40 i grew up working on race cars...picked up alot from you old timers my dad and his friends all dragged race on and off the track. they ran for cars back then and cash! plus alot of my uncles and other friends did dirt racing and i always helped out
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