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Originally Posted by rabbit
Hey guys I am not gonna get mad at anyone for saying what they think would work. I asked you what would work and believe me I know that the tunnel ram is hurting it. I have a set of darts on the way today but I think they are too big for my combination. But you know how traders do things (pass from one thing to the next until you get what you are looking for). Anyway the ones I am picking up today are Darts with 64CC cumbustion chambers, 210cc intake runners, 2.05 intake valves, 1.65 ex valves and some port work and cut surfaces which I think will take the chambers down around 58-60cc. I am thinking that this is too much and will only hurt the low end performance. I am thinking I need more along the lines of smaller intake runner (around 180-190 cc) and no bigger than 2.02/1.6 valves. Does this seem right?

Ok what cam are you guys thinking would work for what I am doing here. If nothing else works out the 400 is last resort but we do have a couple sitting in my dad's garage if it comes down to it. :wink:
Thank you all again, Scott
the 400 would be my FIRST resort if it were mine.
even if I didn't have a low end problem I would still run the 400. I love 400 small blocks.
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