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Default Location, Please read and fill out your Profiles

(why is it)
That so many people come on here and donot say where they are from?

I think RJ should make it manditory in their profile to list what state they are from, for those that donot tell where they are from, WHAT? are you possible scammers, are you running from the law? Most of the regulars know where each others is from and donot have trouble posting their where abouts. I see people bitching everyday in the scammer feedback, but donot give their location, who even knows if you have a right to bitch.
Now i know that the mods, can see where you are from by your IP addy, and some other smart people can also track your login, but that's not the point. There's is no reason to be secretative here on the forum unless you have something to hide.

just my .02

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