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I's say put a plate on it and save the 2 grand for something else the stock bottom end and head gaskets will hold up fine, trust me.
The port polish will help especially when you spray it and roller rockers is a definetly required uprgade that's worth at least 15 ponies
NOS makes a entry level kit thats adjustable from 50 to 175. Its called the Sniper NOS kit and is fairely cheap too around 350 to 400 depending on where you purchase it and can be put on quickly with just simple hand tools.
I would start with the 75 or 100hp jets and back off intial timing about 10 degrees, anymore than that and I would think you need a timing retard.

I cant believe they wont let you change rear gears? Why would they care anyway? Your the one buying the gas, not them. Its not affecting emissions and how do they know what factory gears your car came with anyway? Makes no sense to me.
What about an msd box? I'm pretty sure they are 50 state legal and would help a bunch, get the one with a rpm limiter (6al) you'll need it when you spray, and try and stay below 5500 unless you like pulling the valve covers and replacing bent pushrods.
Goodluck, Charles
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