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Default Whats the biggest shot of nos will a stock 350 2 bolt take?

Due to smog laws here in calif.I have no other way to go for more performance.Cant even change rear end gears due to the dyno at smog test.When time to smog.All I have to do is pull the plate off and hide the lines.Engine has 60,000 miles runs like a dream with rebuilt 350 tranny.2 barrel carb single flowmaster exhaust.I was told a 100 shot is all it will handle due to the stock head gaskets.Ready to order a kit.Just want to know what will be safe on this engine.Going to build a short block 350 in the next month.Any help on bottom end parts that will take a 150 shot or more on a budget would be great.$2,000 to spend on short block.I will have to run a stock cam with stock heads.Going to put some roller rockers on the heads and a mild polish.Good Idea or bad?Engine gurus please chime in.I dont want to make a big mistake.Thanks.
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