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Guys I added this post to the sticky at the top so you can see there is a difference in what you are used to buying in custom pistons.


The BRC Nitrous BB Chevy type of Piston which works in Pontiac - Brodix Big Duke - Dart Big Chief and early DRCE1 combustion chambers. Different dome sizes available in this same profile and different valve angles and valve spacings available as needed for the exact application.

As you look at the internal views you can see a few of the design changes and extra machining which set these pistons apart from many others for the same applications. You can not see any exact thicknesses or exact specs though. You can see some of the extra skirt strengthening and extra milling processes. You can see the fully shaped profile milled dome.

WE have also done these in SB Chevys in either Dome, or Reversed Dome designs. Flat top would be easier but have not done it in flat top yet.


I have read and heard more than plenty of comments about me trying to re-invent the wheel etc. FYI. The wheeel has been re-invented countless thousands of times.

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