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I'm interested in hearing a little more about your engine combination. I am also running E-85 and trying to get it sorted out. My engine is a 355 with Dart 215 platinum heads, 13:1 comp, [email protected] .050 ultradyne flat tappet and a kinda home done carb. Im using an old alcohol main body with Quick Fuel metering blocks. I wanted to see if I like it before I spent the cash for an E-85 carb.

I am currently running a 94/96 jet combo with no power valves and 37 deg. locked timing. The jetting seems to be pretty close, but I was curious what you are doing for timing. I've tried to run a power valve in mine, but it won't run the number with one. I ran 4.5 with 86 jets, the driveability is much better on the street, but it is about .2 and 3 mph off at the track.

Any help would be greatly appriciatied

Thanks Alot

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