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to answer your question...NO...its not too much for a naturally aspirated street want to make sure you keep good gas in the motor...the Amoco 93 octane white gas is good stuff...11 to 1 compression is about the highest you would want to go on pump gas street motor ( my opinion) not SLIP and put some cheap gas in that motor cause its right there on the border...

i do not know if you have access to racing gas at the pump..
here in my home town they have leaded racing gas 110 ast the pump at some would not be a bad idea to run a couple of gallons of 110 with every 10 gallons of 93 octane...

i mean need some compression to make some decent HP....I DO NOT think you would have appreciated that 632ci motor if it were a 9.5 compression would have been a slug...( my opinion again)
not taking up for bowers just telling you how it goes...compression makes HP.......understanding there is a limit to what a street motor needs to be.

i have had more than one 11 to1 compression street a matter of fact i had some of the fastest 406ci street pump gas 11 to 1 motors in town at one time..

just or who did you have figure the compression when you got it back from bowers ?


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