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We have both injected and carbed alcohol motors. On cold start up we use carburator cleaner. It is a little less volital than gasoline and seems to work better, you can spay it down the runners and on the throttle plates and it is lighter so the motor picks it up better. On the injected cars I built a primer system that you can pump until the inj. pump picks up fuel when the motor is warm, just bump the button a couple of times when the motor is rolling over.

We have found that if the motor kicks back it is because (usually) it is too lean, not the main circuit but just the amount of fuel pumped into the intake, need to get more fuel into the intake at start up. One of the biggest problems though is the fuel wants to puddle when you do pump it in. If you use a primer the nozzle needs to atomize the fuel or point it someplace so the fuel gets broken up and mixed with the air. Getting the motor rolling before the ignition is on only helps.

Hope this helps someone.

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