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Copied from my post on Yellow Bullet.

Wow guys!
It is not yet completed but it is looking good to me, and I appreciate them doing this for me.

The only problem is the picture they are showing is a very low dome that was designed for an Alcohol-Nitrous Mud Racer engine I am now doing. The first and original design was for 17.00 -1 compression in a Chief/ Duke/Pontiac style head and had 12 cc domes. That piston dome is only large enough to make the difference of the valve notches.

The same profile can be gotten for much more compression with what I feel and has proven to be great burn charactorstics. The real strength in the design is visable inside and from the bottom, which is not shown. So far out of the 1/2 dozen engines running that style of piston we have zero lifted ring lands and zero collapsed skirts.

I have one of the serious Nitrous engines down now and we will be going back with the same exact piston with a little dressing of the skirts and getting the skirts coated. We were certain that this one had lifted ring lands becuase of the horrible mistake in the tuneup it had been running whjich killed the compression and it smoked like a turbo car, with horrible leakdown. IT was an electricical issue that was turning on the fuel and the timing retard for two kits but no one knew that second kit's fuel was getting turned on by the timer. So can you say it ran rich? My buddy and friend and ace experienced Nitrous Tuner Billy Stocklin, saw that car run and told me the pistons were gone when he saw it run.

Pistons are almost perfect after 36 races and many hard dyno pulls at first.

I am not saying my piston design will eliminate the lifting problem but so far it is showing to resist it. The first piston they did by my internal and dome profile design was done just about 5 years ago and as far as I know it is still cooking somewhere up north.

Still, It was nice for BRC to do this article for me. I had sent them a link to my photo bucket becuase they were wanting to put a couiple of my customer's cars in their new catalog and color tri-fold brochure they are designing.

The article soon will contain a little about how I got into business, my type of customers, and hopefully he will tell the funny story of my very first engine overhaul at age 15 years. I am 62 years now.

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